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When Worlds Collide

In every good comic book story there’s a moment when worlds collide, stars line up, and the evil doctor’s death ray machine threatens to blow everyone to hell and back. This is just such a story. In 1934 my grandfather, … Continue reading

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Cuba Si!

Cuba Si! Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson was born on this day, January 7, 126 years ago. It’s fitting that tomorrow I’m leaving for Miami en route to Cuba retracing some of the steps of my grandparents on their fabled trip to … Continue reading

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The Traveling Comic Con Show

It’s been a busy year on the trail with the Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Traveling Circus and Wild West Show. Beginning in January with Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans–a short drive from my Gulf Coast winter habitat. Not a bad … Continue reading

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New Fun Magazine–The Birth of an Industry by Jon Berk

Of the short-lived titles of the 1930s and 1940s, none is as rare nor as important to the history of comic books as New Fun, subtitled “The Big Comic Magazine.” Although New Fun was to continue as More Fun Comics … Continue reading

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What’s up?

Warner Brothers announced that they were taking control of DC Comics and renaming it DC Entertainment. Or as the headline stated from ComicMix, “Warner Brothers Gobbles up DC.” I can only guess at the reasons, the obvious one being all … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Creig Flessel (1912-2008)

The Wheeler-Nicholson family are very saddened to learn of the recent death of Creig Flessel, the legendary comic book artist who was one of the Major’s early hires back at New Fun Comics in the mid-’30s, and may have been … Continue reading

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